Platinum Sponsor - Golf Tournament


    Get that old turn table out and slam down that old Platinum record because its time to party! You are interested in being in the elite class of all Concrete Repair related sponsorships. With your sponsorship, we dedicate the funds to three simple causes: Student Awarness through our scholarship program, better programs for our members (luncheons, education, etc.), and planning for the future!

    As the platinum golf sponsor, you will be the only one. You will be provided (1) foursome group ($600 value), a hole sponsorship ($200 value), and a Breakfast sponsrship, Drink Sponsorship, or Cigar Sponsorship ($300 to $400 value), tons of advertisement, and everything you see below and more!

    This sponsorship will be for the golf tournament only. Your logo will be included on all media, advertisements, golf cards, goodie bags, EVERYWHERE! You will be permitted to setup a canopy with your logo at the hole of your choice (one hole provided). You will be given an opportunity advertise at the golf awards after the event.

    Golf carts will be provided the day of the event, and you must understand that alcohol on the course is permitted if purchased through the course with a friendly discount.