ICRI-GA 2019 Scholarships

    The Georgia Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) will award two (2) $1,500 scholarships. The mission of ICRI is to improve the quality of repair, restoration and protection of concrete and other structures. This student scholarship program helps us complete this mission by recruiting new resources in talent, ideals and youthful energy. To this end, we are proud to offer this educational scholarship to qualified students who are pursuing post-secondary education.

    Applicant must be a full-time, undergraduate student in a related construction or engineering degree program.


    1.  Verification of enrollment

      1. Please submit a scanned copy of most recent trasncript to review course work, grades, and full-time status.
    2.  Extracurricular Activities list

      1. Submit a PDF list of all extracurricular activites you actively participate in.
    3.  Short Essay and Abstract

      1. 300 word (max) short essay in PDF form. Students may choose to submit an essay which outlines their interest in concrete repair or a response to the question below.

        1. One of the biggest questions in concrete restoration is how much is enough? As it relates to concrete demolition and ultimately restoration, what are the key factors used to determine the extent of concrete deterioration and an adequate substrate condition and/or surface profile for repair?
      2. An abstract in the form of a PDF or PowerPoint for a 10 to 20 minutes presentation. If awarded this scholarship, the recipient will be required to present to the ICRI-GA members in 2020. Students may choose to present over the above short answer topic, or another concrete repair related topic. (For assistance, please reach out to professors or Joshua R. Lloyd, EIT)

    Judging Criteria

    1. 50% Essay & Abstract

    2. 40% GPA

    3. 10% Extracurricular

    For more information and application entries, contact:
    James Dunlap at 404-808-4472
    Joshua Lloyd at 404-518-6121