Student Scholarships

Georgia ICRI Student Scholarship

The Georgia Chapter of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) will award two $1,500 scholarships to a local undergraduate student. The mission of ICRI is to improve the quality of repair, restoration and protection of concrete and other structures. This student scholarship program helps us complete this mission by recruiting new resources in talent, ideals and youthful energy. To this end, we are proud to offer this educational scholarship to qualified students who are pursuing post-secondary education.

Qualification:  Undergraduate students attending school full-time in Georgia. At the time of application, the applicant shall be pursuing a degree in engineering, architecture, construction management, material science, or any other relevant degree. Verification of enrollment is required.

As a condition of accepting this scholarship, the applicant is encouraged to:

  1. Give a 20 minute presentation at one of the monthly Georgia Chapter ICRI luncheons. The topic of the presentation may be on the student’s research or other area of interest related to the concrete industry.
  2. Participate in the promotion of ICRI at the student’s institution. This may include participation in or formation of a student chapter of ICRI at her/his institution, provide a presentation about ICRI to other students at their institution, assist in coordinating an outreach project through the Georgia chapter, or other activities that promotes the mission of ICRI.
  3. Join as a Student Member of Georgia Chapter of ICRI and attend at least 2 Monthly ICRI meetings.

Click on this link for more detailed information on the STUDENT SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS and the application process7.


For more information, contact:

James Dunlap at 404-808-4472
Sepehr Sabooree  770-908-9908