National Report

ICRI 2015 Fall Convention Chapter Delegate Report

ICRI National Convention in Fort Worth, TX
October 14-16, 2015

Inter Chapter Luncheon
by Bryan Heery

During the inter-chapter luncheon we discussed the role of a chapter administrator or hired help for the chapter. We analyzed the chapters to see who was using them and who was not and discussed the benefits of having an administrator. It was very surprising to see the number of chapters who did not have a chapter administrator and also were not planning on hiring or thinking of hiring a chapter administrator. In Atlanta, we have one and it is very helpful. It is another helping hand to get the word out to members and help keep the events organized. There were some chapters who don’t need administrators as the members seem to provide a lot more volunteer help and therefore a paid position is not needed. In Atlanta, we need to try increase the number of volunteers in the chapter.

Also discussed at the inter-chapter luncheon, was the Field School at Alcatraz Island. This is a very unique program for veterans coming back from duty that provides a transitional time where they can learn skills in the concrete repair industry as well as transition back into life in the US or outside of their duties while enlisted. This is an unbelievable program that we should try to increase the number of participants as well as possible other locations. I know in my field it is very hard to find trained employees in the concrete repair field and this is a great way to generate some worthy candidates.

Chapters Committee Meeting

We reviewed the past meeting minutes from the chapters committee meeting in New York held on March 27, 2015. We discussed in length about the creation of the Dubai chapter and a vote was held to open a new chapter in Dubai which passed. The annual chapter awards form will be ready in November 2015. We will be having the next Chapters Committee meeting in Tampa, FL in February. Also discussed at length, was the CPI (Concrete Preservation Institute), which was the Field School at Alcatraz. We discussed the need for more involvement with the youth especially at trade schools and colleges to start inspiring the younger generations to get involved with concrete repair. An idea to reach out to professors to get more involved with ICRI which in turn should bring more students.