01-26-2017 Report

Meeting Recap – January 26, 2017

Stucco & EIFS Repair – An Engineers Approach

Jan_2017_MtgThe Georgia Chapter of ICRI held its monthly luncheon on January 1, 2016, at the Maggiano’s in Perimeter Mall. A total of 49 attendees were part of our January luncheon meeting. Everclear Enterprises Inc sponsored the ICRI GA January meeting.

The meeting started out honoring our past president Bryan Heery for all the hard work he put into the ICRI Georgia Chapter last year. Then we were fortunate to have two presenters for the month of January. The first was Mike Levin an Executive Director of ICRI. He informed us of our Region 2 representative, John McDougall and how he can be of service to our chapter. He also informed us of the Surface Repair Technician Program, Concrete Slab Moisture Program, and Secretariats.

The next presenter was Mr. Lee Cope, an associate principal with Wiss Janney Elstner Associates. He has been with WJE for 18 years and specialized in façade systems. He is a current member of an ASTM Committee.

Mr. Cope’s presentation was focused on deteriorated or damaged stucco/ EIFS systems. We were taught about the three types of wall assemblies found with stucco or EIFS systems (barrier walls, mass walls, and cavity walls) and the common conditions and repairs made to them. Most stucco/ EIFS wall systems eventually end up cracking, sealants failing, get punctured, or delaminate because of improper installation. While most Owners or Contractors recommend acrylic or elastomeric coatings for a fix, this is not always the case. Sometimes it is more cost effective or preventative to reclad, overclad, or placing EIFS lamina over the failed system.