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Georgia Chapter, ICRI History 

Georgia Chapter, ICRI held it’s first organizational meeting on September 27, 1990 and became the third chartered ICRI chapter in 1991.

The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) had its origins at a World of Concrete seminar in February 1988, during which attendees voiced their frustration about the lack of standards and guidelines for concrete repair. They also expressed their concern over the proliferation of unqualified contractors entering the industry. These contractors were not properly trained in concrete repair and were underbidding them without proper knowledge of surface preparation, equipment, materials, techniques, etc.

In response to these concerns, the International Association of Concrete Repair Specialists was formed, with a formal organizational meeting in Naperville, Illinois, on May 21, 1988, which was attended by 66 repair specialists. In 1993 the name was changed to the International Concrete Repair Institute.

The organizing members agreed on a statement of purpose, which is:

To improve the quality of concrete restoration, repair and protection, through education of, and communication among, the members and those who use their services.

The philosophy of the group is that if the quality of work is improved, and purchasers of repair services feel that they are obtaining a durable product, the demand for their products and services will increase and the image of the concrete repair industry will be elevated.

The founders also insisted that all classes and categories of membership be treated equally. Initially it was to have been a contractors organization, but the immediate interest of engineers, manufacturers and others in its formation and success made it obvious that it should be open to all. Every attempt is made to ensure equitable representation, and the ICRI International board of directors and all committees are made up of members from all disciplines and all geographical areas.

Past Presidents

2016-2017 – Bryan Heery

2014-2015 – Keith Howard

2013 – Nathaniel Jones

2012 – Brian Wolfe

2011 – Mark Kelly

2010 – Howard Allred

2009 – Mike Portwood

2008 – Matt Lawler

2007 – Derek Bridges

2006 – Ron Thomas

2005 – Dale Smart

2004 – Bob Baumeister

2002-2003 – Paul Derby

2001 – Ralf Leistikow

2000 – Martin Morris

1998-1999 – Kurt Heinrichs

1997 – Bill Ness

1996 – Bob Terpening

1994-1995 – Steve Osterman

1991-1993 – Bill Manus

National ICRI Past Presidents

The following Chapter members have been active served as ICRI International President:

2010 – Chuck Knight

1998 – Wayne Benitz

1994 – Bob Terpening

1988-1989 – David Barton